Major Changes Are Happening for Freedom Bridge Ministries!

We have been in prayer constantly since launching Freedom Bridge for proper direction and His guidance. We have our answer.


While we will still be involved in speaking engagements, that is not going to be our primary focus. Unless something changes, we will not be sponsoring conferences and seminars of our own. We will prayerfully consider each opportunity that comes our way to ensure that the Lord is in it and take those He guides us to engage.


Our new focus will be twofold. First, we will be increasing our online presence with more videos, blogs, and other media. Pastor Mike is doing a great deal of writing with several books in the works. He has also been offered another opportunity that we will be announcing in the coming weeks. A big part of this more intense focus was the sunsetting of The Stainless Steel Soapbox in favor of the more well known Jesus' Outsider Podcast whilch will include a video version released midweek.


Second, we are shifting a great deal of time and energy locally. Starting May 18th, we will be holding a prayer meeting and Bible study in our home with the intent of growing a congregation. Obviously, this will start as a more private gathering that we expect will grow beyond our home over time. Attendance at the study is not a commitment to the new church but we hope that enough will be drawn to the work to join us.


We made the decision to set up this temporary site until a more complete Freedom Bridge site, including the name of the church, can be completed. A new site with the updated vision and media should be up in a week or two.


If you are interested in the prayer and Bible study meeting, email Pastor Mike and he can supply the details.


Located in The Nashville, TN Metro Area