Equipping The Body of Christ for The Hard Challenges Ahead

Saying What Needs to Be Said


Freedom Bridge Ministries was started as a means of reaching out and finding Christians seeking a different perspective and the resources to take on the hard issues. To be able to take on these challenges, we will have to leave our comfort zones and we have remove the shackles that restrict so many Christians whether they are cultural, denominational, or positional. These are difficult times for a follower of Christ.


We equip you to take on some of the most challenging issues facing the Body of Christ today. It is true that there is nothing new under the sun but we are faced with a barrage of challenges that the Western Church isn't ready to handle. The sins of the world are assailing the church and have penetrated too far into the pews.


We're not here to rail against the world. The world will be the world but those in Christ are called to a higher standard. The world we must work in is changing and affecting the church and how we need to minister to the lost and to one another.


Our media, conferences, and seminars are designed for everyone. Leaders are equipped to face these new realities and those struggling can find freedom. The bridge is the lordship of Christ Jesus entered through the Cross. Crossing the bridge is the journey to breaking the bondage of sin.


We can say what needs to be said. Topics normally considered taboo are a huge part of our calling. Pornography, sexuality, mental illness, and more are handled with compassion, facts, and sound Biblical truth.


Our underlying message, regardless of the topic, is freedom in Christ. We teach Biblical truths to allow the genuine disciple of Christ to walk in the Spirit and find His way. We strive to equip Christ followers of all types from the folks in the pews to those serving in ministry to be able to serve Christ and reach out in a rapidly changing world.


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A Message From Pastor Mike

The Image of The Bridge


The bridge has become one of the most significant images in the church today. Churches all across the U.S. have bridge in their names. Why a bridge?


For us, it's a twofold symbol. The first is the journey from bondage of sin into the freedom found in Christ. Crossing a bridge isn't always quick or easy. Anyone who's crossed the Mississippi River at its widest points can tell you that. Some fear bridges. The height above the water and their narrowness compared to the road can create a daunting experience.


So it is with Christ. Letting go of sin and darkness, especially when they are deeply held often rooted in pain, is difficult. The struggle between the flesh and spirit can be tremendous. The bridge with its access at the cross and built upon the lordship of Christ is the only way. It's a process to cross. We equip the church to help people cross that bridge into a fresh walk in Jesus unhindered by sin and pain.


Much of the church is fragmented. While we are not equipped to heal all the divides, the second meaning of the bridge is joining the various subculture groups to the rest of the church. Years of working in Christian metal, goth, punk, and biker communities as well as the mainstream church positions us well to bring healing and reconciliation. The time of the battle between traditional churches, middle class contemporary churches and subculture groups needs to come to an end. There is much to be gained from uniting. In darkening times, we no longer have the luxury of division.


Cross the bridge built on the Solid Rock into real freedom.

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Serving The Entire United States