Who We Are

Our Mission


Our mission is remarkably simple. We proclaim freedom through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help equip the church to do likewise.


In practice, the mission is a lot more complex. The freedom we proclaim is to those that the mainstream church has difficulty reaching but are often in our pews. Porn and sex addicts, the mentally ill, subcultures, and more are the mission field we reach and can equip the Body of Christ to do likewise.


Rather than steering away from controversial or challenging issues, we head right for them. Too often, leaders feel that they cannot address what’s often directly in front of them because it might jeopardize their positions or, more often, because they haven't been equipped to deal with them.


Freedom Bridge Ministries exists to fill in the gaps on the more difficult arenas of ministry. Rather than just stand in the gap, we equip willing ministries and congregations to face challenges that we as a church haven't faced before. With seminars, online media, and other resources, we provide the information needed to reach out and live Christ in this new and broken world.


Our mission is to bring these challenging subjects and more to the Body of Christ at large. We want to see people set free from the bondage of sin and from the stigmas of being outside of what society considers normal. Our central scripture is Isaiah 61:1-3 focusing on “binding up the broken hearted, setting the captives free, and proclaiming liberty to those in prison.”


The Gospel is central to our mission. Everything we do, whether the podcast, media, books, or conferences points to Christ. Without Jesus, we are nothing. Apart from Him, we can do nothing."


Our purpose is to bring glory to God by calling the church to live up to her full potential as the spotless bride Christ longs for her to be. The program, conferences, and media challenge the status quo, call the church to repentance, and lift up the people and ministries that are breaking barriers and spreading the Gospel effectively


We can serve as Christ's bridge from bondage to freedom, discord to unity, and greater mercy and holiness in the Body of Christ.


Our History


It all started with a podcast. In June of 2008, We launched our first program. Pastor Mike hosted and did all of the production. It was primitive, the tech was terrible, and the sound quality poor at best. Despite all of the issues, it found an audience.


Over the next few years, several updates and name changes took place as the message was tweaked and the quality improved. After a brief and regrettable foray into political commentary and humor, the podcast was relaunched as Jesus' Outsider. The idea was that we were in Christ but still outsiders to much of the church. We (Pastor Mike and His Lovely Bride, Kimberly) had always been socially acceptable outcasts. The name reflected our outsider status but gave us a unique platform and a voice in the subculture community as well as parts of the mainstream church.


We found that we could deal with the challenging subjects that while Mike was an active pastor were very difficult to tackle from the pulpit. Approaching these topics from a sound Biblical perspective, compassion, and a desire for the Body of Christ to find freedom caused the program's audience and to reach grow. The message was never the popular culture or marketable version of the Gospel but people listened.


In 2016, Jesus' Outsider jumped from the web into the real world and was christened Jesus' Outsider Ministries. We hosted a conferences on pornography and sexual sin in the church, spoke at Audiofeed Music Festival for our partners, The Asylum, and at other events. For a time, we were on the board of an interdenominational ministry focused on subcultures. We experienced growing pains and shifting until the big change happened. During this time, long time friend and ministry partner Darren Anderson joined the team as a speaker.


In 2018, the Lord lead us to leave Central Illinois and move to the Nashville area. The move caused some major shifting in our direction, focus, and reach. We made changes including leaving the subculture ministry organization and in fall of 2019, put Jesus' Outsider Ministries on hold. The decision was made to shelve the name and move forward with a new name, new team members, and a renewed purpose.


From that foundation, Freedom Bridge Ministries was born in May, 2020. Through online media, conferences, seminars, and speaking engagements, we are here to serve and equip the fullness of the Body of Christ to take on the challenges of our shifting culture and promote Biblical unity for the church and subcultures alike.

Located in Nashville, TN

Serving The Entire United States