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Program Feedback: We are always happy to hear from our listeners with questions and comments on the various episodes of The Stainless Steel Soapbox. Topic recommendations are welcome and if they are within our mission, they might just make it to the air.


Booking and Conference Information: Our team members are available to speak at seminars and conferences across the United States. We can either support local conferences or can bring one of ours to your community. Contact us regarding speaker needs, press and promotional kits, and other information to bring Freedom Bridge Ministries to your community.


Program Syndication: We are always looking for additional outlets for The Stainless Steel Soapbox Podcast and other media. We are interested in providing programing for conventional and internet radio stations. We will consider producing episodes with a different time stamp on a case by case basis.


Media Inquiries: Members of the press and media are always welcome to contact us about upcoming events and conferences.

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