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There are more means of communication available to us today than at anytime in history. It's true that a tremendous amount of broadcast, streaming, or social media contains content that would make a drunken sailor blush. Because of that, many Christians have abandoned social media, film, radio, and other avenues of reaching people to the world and its system or allowed it to be relegated to  Christian mediocrity. We think there's a better way.


We don't want to become a part of the culture but to engage it. We produce media including podcasts, videos, and blogs that equip the Body of Christ to step into the world and bring His Word. As we look around, nothing is getting better, at least from a moral or godly point of view. Our current media teaches Christians to take on the hard topics such and Pornography, adultery, spiritual warfare, and others as well as instruction in sound doctrine. To reach the dying and deceived, we need to be doing it from firm footing.


In addition to our long running podcast and videos, we are also working on some publications. The first, Into The Light dealing with pornography addiction, was produced for the Out of The Shadows Conference we held in 2018. It has been expanded with new material and will soon be available on this site. Others in the works in progress include dealing with adultery and basics of Biblical interpretation.


As our team and resources expand, we will be doing more. Our plan is to build on what we have begun by adding more videos for use in sermons, outreach and evangelism, and, given time and finances, short films. We believe that one of the reasons the Lord sent us to Nashville was to accomplish this.


If you would like to help with our efforts, please visit our support page.

Media and Podcast Links

The Podcast: Where It All Began

The Stainless Steel Soapbox is the latest incarnation of a podcast that has been running since June of 2008. For many years, it was our primary means of communicating our message with our audience and remains a key part of our ministry. The title was used for Pastor Mike's blog for many years and has a little bit of history to it.


"I've always been passionate. In the early days of my walk with Christ, I was one of the teachers for the Single Adult Sunday School Class at my home church. Even in those days (far too early for me to be teaching), my enthusiasm and passion was difficult to contain. One of the people in the class quipped, 'You're on that soapbox so often it must be made of stainless steel!' The term stuck. When I left the church to move back to Illinois, they gave me a card that was both a miss you card and reminder of the Stainless Steel Soapbox I often stood upon. I've never forgotten those friends from my early walk or their acceptance of my passion and drive to share it."

-Pastor MIke


From the beginning, the program has been designed around tackling difficult topics and the issues of the day in the light of Scripture. Pastor Mike’s combination of humor and uncompromising delivery help to make what much of the church isn’t talking about something accessible to everyone. Sure, a sacred cow or two might get slaughtered and preconceived notions challenged but there’s a few laughs along the way.


One thing that will never happen: There is no compromise on the Word of God. We take the Scriptures very serious.


We cover a lot of topics but some have become regular themes. These include many topics we offer in seminars plus Biblically grounded cultural commentary and sound theological teaching. Sometimes that means taking on very tough issues and topics most teachers avoid.


Our purpose is to equip the Body of Christ to take of the tough issues facing us today and live a stronger Christian life.


The Music: The intro and outro music were written and performed by one of the finest guitarist any of us here have ever known, Will Spicher. The intro is The Ride and the outro is Gamin' With The Boys. For more of his incredible music, his website is willsongs.com and his YouTube channel can be found here. The Willsongs++ playlist is more than worth a listen.

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