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Ministry Director and Founder Pastor Mike Kerby has served in a variety of ministry capacities over the years including pastoral positions, community wide prayer and unity efforts, media, and drama ministry. It was in the summer of 2008 that his passion for radio and the Gospel came together in his first podcast, originally title The Wicket Gate Ministries Podcast (Catchy, Huh?). Since those early and primitive days, the program has evolved through several iterations into Jesus’ Outsider, our flagship ministry and the basis for our original name.

Over the years, a desire to increase his effectiveness in the Kingdom has lead to the expansion of Jesus’ Outsider (Freedom Bridge's original name) beyond just a podcast to a full media and conference ministry. Never one to shy away from a difficult topic, the need to tackle some very challenging issues has grown greatly in the last few years. With his unique background built upon with hours of study, devotion, and prayer, Mike is able to speak and teach on things that those with a more conventional history might not be able to address.


Mike is married to The Lovely Bride (see below) and has four children and seven grandchildren. He is also the primary host of the Stainless Steel Soapbox podcast. Email: mike.kerby@freedombridgeministries.org

Pastoral Care Director Kimberly Kerby is no stranger to ministry herself. Referred to on air as The Lovely Bride, she has worked tirelessly behind the scenes alongside her husband for many years. In April, Kim joined her husband in ordination. Because of the nature of her calling and gifts, she is ordained as an Exhorter Minister of the Gospel. Trained in listening and with a natural counseling gift, she has used these to change countless lives especially those of hurting women.

Because of her history, she is well versed in mental illness and a variety of addictions. Her testimony is not for the faint of heart. Because of a lifetime of abuse, she has dealt with a number of addictions and PTSD and has learned to overcome them through the power of the Gospel.


While most of her experience has been behind the scenes and in smaller settings, she is ready to start teaching publicly in her own right. She shared her story of what the reality of the BDSM lifestyle is really like in our first conference series, Sex, Porn, and Freedom. Her insights and how hard she works to overcome the damage done by years of abuse in the guise of sexual gratification are especially valuable in this modern age. Email: Kimberly.kerby@freedombridgeministries.org

Pastor Darren Anderson is a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University and has served as a pastor in both the Wesleyan and Free Methodist denominations. Darren is the Pastor of Waypoint Community Church, a Free Methodist congregation in Zeeland, Michigan. He has served as a member of our advisory board since the beginning of the ministry. He is also the founder and owner of Be Loud! Productions, a Christian booking agency. He has deep ties in the music industry with several years of experience as a promoter and booking agent.

When his marriage fell apart while serving as a pastor in Peoria, IL, he found a passion to help those who have experienced this pain recover from it. As a single father of two wonderful daughters, he understands the unique needs of single parents. His knowledge and passion for Jesus are a huge asset for the ministry and furthering the Kingdom of God.


Darren speaks on divorce and recovery along with equipping the church to minister to single parents. His experience in a wide range of ministries allow him the ability to address many issues dealing with subcultures as well.

 Email: darren.anderson@freedombridgeministries.org

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Holly Lee: Assistant to Kimberly and Subculture Ministries Coordinator. Holly serves in several capacities including editing written media, organizational matters, and many others. She is an expert on groups and speaks on adult autism and other topics. (In depth bio pending)

Email: holly.lee@freedombridgeministries.org


Joshua Kerby: Live sound and events. Joshua serves as Mike's legs during events and tech director. He has been working ministry events and concerts, including music festivals, since the age of ten. He is a skilled live sound technician and an up and coming leader in his own right.

Email: joshua.kerby@freedombridgeministries.org

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